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The personalized postcards in our monthly program are designed for upscale, over-sized 9 in. x 6 in. cards. With a consistent postcard size, your costs stay low, and the streamlined art process gets your ad to consumers faster. Want to send a custom or EDDM mailing? We do that, too! Call us at 630.945.3869.

Yes, we include your name and address in the list for each mailing. So, you’ll receive your postcard in the mail just like your customers. It’s a nice reminder that the cards are hitting your area, and it lets you see the final printed piece before they start coming in.

Yes, we’re happy to work with you on any changes you’d like to make to your mailing. You can adjust the copy, images, offer details, target list demographics, or mailing area at any time. The streamlined nature of our program often requires little adjustment on your part. Once your mailing program is up and running, you may not need to make any changes for many months or years. Enjoy the freedom to just focus on your business and the new customers coming in!

Our monthly copy deadlines fall around the 10th of each month. The in-home date is approximately the first day of each month.  You can find the specific deadlines for each month in our 2022 Mailing Schedule.

Our databases are pulled from more than 100 sources, including real estate transactions, tax assessments, voter registrations, utility connections, bill processors, and more, giving you the ability to build marketing campaigns based on hundreds of data attributes that are updated in real-time.

Occasionally, a customer may ask how you knew their birthday. Usually, they’re just curious about it. However, if your customer seems concerned about their private information being accessible, you can help them feel reassured. It’s important to acknowledge their concern but be sure to let them know you have very limited access to their private details. It helps to explain that we only know their birth month, not the exact date. We don’t share their information with anyone. Remind them that they get to enjoy a free birthday gift! If the customer would like to be removed from future mailings, let us know, and we can share a website where they can opt-out of any unsolicited direct mail.

One of the strengths of our program is its trackability. Since there’s a redeemable gift card, you’ll know how it’s working. Want even more response data at your fingertips? We also offer call tracking and barcode tracking. With call tracking, a unique phone number is assigned to your postcard.  Listen to customer calls, identify callers, and track date and time of calls — all online.  With barcode tracking, unique codes are printed within each offer. You can identify who redeemed the offers, which coupon was used, and the total ticket for each sale.  ROI analysis made easy!

The results you see from our program depend on several factors. The most significant include: your type of business, promotional offer, recipient recognition of your business, targeted mailing area and demographic selects. We take pride in working closely with you to ensure your offer and design deliver maximum impact on your target audience. With years of direct mail advertising experience, we are highly adept at crafting mailers that deliver powerful results for our wide range of clients. With a retention rate of over 70% repeat customers, looks like we’re doing something right!

Yes, we have other products and services to meet more of your advertising needs. We’ll work with you to find the right solution for your unique business. We also offer mailing lists, grand opening mailers, customer loyalty mailings, business-to-business mailings, EDDM postcards, letters, flyers, and plastic postcards.  Give us a call at 630.945.3869 for more information.

We can pull lists based on a wide range of data. Here are some of our most popular types of mailing lists:

  • New Mover Mailing List
  • Homeowner Mailing List
  • Mailing Lists by Zip Code
  • Mailing Lists by Birth Month
  • Mailing List by Home Value
  • Resident Mailing List
  • Business Owner Mailing List
  • Company by Industry Mailing List
  • Company by Size Mailing List
  • Mailing List by Neighborhood

Cap the distribution to whatever quantity you prefer, with a low minimum of 400 postcards per month.

Yes, we require a purchase agreement for all our print and mail projects. Our purchase agreement protects you and holds us accountable to complete the job.

A one-time $89 art set-up fee covers the custom, upscale card design artwork, ad set-up, and proof.

Your account specialist will work with you to learn all about your business and the goals for your mailer. They will gather your logos, other images you may have, and any important details about your business and offer.  Once your first design proof is ready, we will send to you for review. If you are happy with the first proof, your card is finalized and ready to print. If you wish to make changes, our design team will work with you until you are completely satisfied with the design and the final look is approved by you.

We’re happy to provide you with postal receipts upon request. In addition, we can provide you with reports showing the date pieces were delivered to the specific areas for your mailing.  If you add call tracking and barcode tracking to your mailer, you’ll have verifiable response and redemption data at your fingertips. Once the phone calls and coupons start coming in, you’ll definitely know where and when your pieces are being delivered!


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