Millennial Marketing – Myth Busted

There’s a myth going around the marketing world that could be hurting your business. 

On the surface it sounds pretty believable…it makes perfect sense. But the numbers bust the myth. It usually sounds something like this:

“Millennials don’t respond to direct mail, they’re more receptive to digital.”

Why should you care?

Millennials make up a fourth of the total population being responsible for $200 billion in consumer purchases. And they are the largest group of business-to-business (B2B) customers responsible for 73 percent of the purchasing decisions at work with 34 percent acting as sole decision makers for corporate purchases.

Now, what about direct mail and Millennials?
  • 75% of Millennials find value in the mail they get in their mailbox.
  • 90% would rather receive promotional items in the mail as opposed to their email inbox.
  • 63% of responders to direct mail within the past three months actually made a purchase.
  • 54% enjoy looking through catalogs they get in the mail.

Millennials are likely a sizable segment of your customer base and they will respond, possibly even favor, direct mail. 

So here’s the good news…if you were thinking that direct mail wouldn’t work for you because you have a large base of Millennials… Myth busted. 

How do you make the facts work for you?

Start reaching out to your Millennial base with cost-effective targeted direct mail pieces that speak to your customers’ needs.  

Confused as to how to begin? Working with a reputable direct mail specialist may be your best solution. Experts in the direct mail field develop eye-catching postcards and mailers that showcase your business and best offers.

They’ll create lists to reach your ideal audience and will know which are the most effective direct mail products for you.  You’ll want to know it’s working for you…be sure to partner with a direct mail company that offers helpful ROI tools, like bar code and call tracking.

Time to bust out and find more customers!

Source: Opportunity Knocks

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