When Size Does Matter

With Direct Mail, the size of your mailer can make all the difference.  

The size of your marketing piece impacts your ability to tell your story while sharing important details about your business and offers.  Want to get noticed quickly? Size affects your chances of standing out amongst the competition and drawing in the consumer. And, yes, it can significantly influence your mailing cost. Be sure to consider all these factors when designing your paper ad.

Get the Word Out

When creating copy for an ad, strive to communicate your message in the least number of words as possible. Why does this matter?

  1. Concise verbiage is clearer and easier for the reader to comprehend. This is not time to write your dissertation or debate the virtues of deep-dish vs. thin-crust pizza. Your ad delivers more impact when the reader quickly absorbs the message.
  2. Today’s audience doesn’t have the patience for long-winded copy. Exposure to electronic devices and digital media has decimated our attention spans.  You better say it quickly and efficiently, or the reader will effortlessly move on the next shiny distraction.
  3. Less words means less expense. Condensed verbiage lets you get to the point in the least amount of space necessary.  Smaller the space and size — smaller the budget needed for paper and postage.  

Pretty straightforward, huh? Yes, but keep in mind, this is not the time to mince words and destroy the meat of your message.  

Do you have a distinct message with specific details to share?  Let’s say you’re an attorney addressing injuries against a certain segment of the population.  In the mailer to your audience, you will need to convey adequate medical and historical facts, the specific call to action, along with the value of your legal practice. Direct mail letters and large-sized postcards stand out as good options in this case.

Are you a new business? Be sure to incorporate enough space to properly educate your target audience on your products and services and, more importantly, the reasons you stand out as the best choice.  And don’t forget the space you’ll need for an offer!

Do you have a focused message like a close-out sale on a few products?  When you have a narrow subject matter, small postcards or flyers are excellent options. 

Remember, one size does not fit all when it comes to direct mail. Good things come in small…and large packages. A key to your marketing success lies in choosing the right size for your particular communication needs.  

All Eyes on You

The size of your mailer directly impacts the amount of attention you’ll capture from the reader.  As direct mail enjoys a surge in popularity, you’ll need to give your ad the best chance for getting noticed in the crowded mailbox.  Larger pieces naturally stand out more. They’re less likely to get stuck or hidden behind another piece. Just like the biggest voice in the room demands attention, the largest ad in the mailbox commands the spotlight.

But let’s not forget the numerous avenues in the direct marketing world for catching the reader’s eye.  Engaging graphics, glossy cardstock, modern designs, and clever formats, like pop-out postcards, all help you bask in the limelight.  When aiming for attention, consider the size of your piece — just don’t rely on it or limit yourself from employing other advertising techniques.   

Follow the Money

Unfortunately in today’s world, inflation impacts all corners of our lives – postal rates and paper costs included. 

Now, the good news. Direct mail remains one of the most affordable advertising vehicles available to any business.  Plus, within direct mail, you have plenty of options for minimizing your costs. You can choose smaller formats, targeted bulk mail, and EDDM to name a few.  When selecting an ad size to fit your budget, you will, of course, consider length and width. But don’t forget that thickness also matters.  A thicker postcard stands out more – but at a higher cost in paper and postage.

So how do you go about selecting the ideal size and design for your ad?  If you’re a busy small business, it’s best to leave this one to the experts. Find an ad agency that offers multiple products and size options to fit your goals and budget.  Partner with marketing professionals that boast a proven track record for delivering impactful, cost-effective mailers – all at the right size for you.  

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