Why Get Personal?

Making it personal with direct mail  

Want to amp up results from your direct mail advertising campaign? It helps to get a little personal — in a good way, of course.

Personalization, like adding the recipient’s name to your mailer, draws the consumer in and helps build meaningful connections between you and your customer.  The simple things in life do matter.  Who doesn’t like to get a little gift in the mail sent specifically to them?  Special coupons and birthday gimmies included! In today’s world full of digital mistrust, creating positive rapport with your target audience through a more credible channel like direct mail delivers a stronger impact for you. 

How do we know this? According to a recent study from Marketing Sherpa, 82% of Americans say that they generally trust print ads more than digital ones. Consumers are more eager to read direct mail in general. It feels more real to them than digital advertisement.  Plus, opening a piece of mail is simpler and easier on the mind.  The open rate for direct mail is a whopping 90% compared to only 23% for email.  When you add first and last names, advertisers see response rates jump by 135%. As response rates rise, so goes your ROI.  


Want to feel confident in your direct mail choices? Be sure to partner with an advertising agency that offers trackable results on their products.

For example, direct mail postcards printed with consumer names and addresses provide easy tracking.  As the offers are redeemed, you’ll know the program is working. Also, you’ll end up with a definitive, hardcopy record of everyone that redeemed their personalized postcard coupon.

For even more in-depth response data, consider call, barcode, and QR code tracking on your direct mail ads. You’ll get an electronic record at your fingertips with total ticket sales and more. 

Want to see for yourself how personalization can positively impact your advertisements?  A/B campaigns provide a straightforward way to run a comparison.  Send the same ad to two similar target audiences – one with personalized names, the other without. Now you’ve got a simple, cost-effective way to determine which one performs best. Better yet, you’ll know you’re making the right choices with your limited advertising dollars.

When it comes to monitoring results, you can’t go wrong with personalization. Your customers’ names and addresses are included with any tracking method you choose. 

Ready to Get Started?

For a small business, taking the next step can be intimidating.  Do you have the time and energy to dedicate to a new project? It’s often best to work with experts in the field that can carry the weight for you and deliver the results you need.  Search out ad agencies that offer a turnkey approach – ones that include design, targeted lists, print, delivery, and tracking as part of their direct mail advertising services.  They’ll give you the attention your campaign deserves.

There’s no better time to make it personal.   

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